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The Bully Barn: A Lesson For Bullies, Bystanders and Victims

The Bully Barn: A Lesson For Bullies, Bystanders and Victims - Robert Gioia This is an engaging story with an excellent message. The colourful illustrations make it easy for a child of any age to understand bullying. Learning to be comfortable with yourself and understanding that everyone is different is a big part of also understanding why bullying occurs. This makes a barn an interesting background. Each animal is different and each has its own good to bring to the community.

The book stresses on the face that there is no need to put another person down so you can shine which is an important lesson for a young child to understand. Bullying is painful for children but it is also painful for parents because they may have problems understanding what is actually happening. It made me really happy that this book also touched on what to do beyond bullying. The Bully Barn is a critical lesson for both parents and children.